Age of Empires III Discovery + Asian + WarChiefs
 Age of Mythology
 Anno 1404 Dawn of Discovery
 Black & White 2 & Battle Gods Exp.
 Civilization V Campaign & Gods Kings
 Command & Conquer III Generals + Zero Hours
 Command & Conquer III Kane's Wrath
 Command & Conquer III Tiberium Wars
 Diablo III
 Empire Earth II
 Europa Universalis 4
 Farming Simulator 18
 Hearts of Iron IV
 Heroes of Might and Magic V
 Imperial Glory
 Konung 3 Ties of the Dynasty
 League of Legends EU
 Legion Arena Cult of Mithras Exp.
 Medieval II: Total War
 Napoleon: Total War
 Red Alert 3
 Red Alert 3 Uprising
 Rome Total Wars + Barbarian Invasion
 Star Wars Empire at Wars
 Starcraft & Brood Wars
 Starcraft II Wings of Liberty
 Stronghold 3
 Warcraft III Reign Chaos + Frozen Throne
 World Of Warcraft III: Wrath Lich King Exp.
 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
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